Never Surrender

I’m lacking a theme for this blog.  So you will get a few ramblings:

Was Boy in the Box the first great album you remember?  Reckless was the year before, but I didn’t really get into that until years later (Summer of ’69 was always great).  Corey Hart was just cool.  I was horrible at junior high dances.  But I did like the music.


XKCD – I had to look up Renesmee.  How many bad baby names can you make by combining two perfectly good names?  It is harder with girl names since names like Ann-Marie are normal.  Rickward is pretty bad.  But Martin used Rikard as a character in ASoIaF.  Shelnard?  Toddon?


I resolved a technical problem at work today.  Yay me.  Plus I attended 18 million meetings.


The Twelve #9 came out.  My world is rocked.


I think my next blog is on Asimov and the Foundation series.


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