Weekly Recap

Fun useless stuff on the Internets this week:

Blatant Honda Ad – and yet I giggled.  Giggled I say.

Amazing OOTS fundraiser – Rich Burlew asked to raise $57,000 to reprint the thrid OOTS TPB.  So far he is above $300,000.  Amazing.

Last week was all about the Robbie Burns scotch tasting.  Met Craig there and he was awesome, but the rest of the evening was a little bit disastrous.  Bus service got me there an hour late and I left about 15 minutes too early.  Fortunately they let me try all the scotches.  But 7 scotches in an hour is too much.  They all blended together.  The grand finale was the Bruichladdich Octomore.  But even that was disappointing.  It was too one note for even my unsophisticated tastes.

Work was eventful too.  5 people have given notice in the last three weeks including two from my team.  Yowza.  It seems that it might not be about me though.  I ran the team at SA for six years and had less turnover than one year here.  Oddly, the morale is much better.  I cannot explain.

Finally gaming.  After two weeks of absence, I returned to the gaming table.  It was a good adventure.  A demon was exorcised – mostly by kicking its butt – we aren’t a subtle crew.  The previous two Fridays were both pretty special, but I’m just a homebody.  Returning to the usual routine was a relief.

This week I am going to do nothing exciting.  So far my biggest success is writing a paper.  Ooh.


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