Weekly Recap

Garsh!  The horrid weather has driven all thought for last week from my head.

I had a tough time getting out of bed this morning.  I was moving 50% slower and seemed to be expending twice as much effort.  I thought I was just tired, but apparently it is blue Monday and everyone else in the world was not at their best either.  But the bitter cold woke me up as soon as I went outside.

I had reason to be tired.  Last week was busy.  Monday was the cable install.  I think I covered that last week.  Tuesday was a day off.  Not of work, but of interesting things.  Wednesday was comic book day.  I still haven’t finished all the books from last week.  There’s a reason for that coming up.  Thursday was drinks out with the team.  Friday was Mom’s birthday and the Jim Cuddy concert.  Saturday was laundry and bill paying.  Sunday was church and a movie.  (Hugo – very good.)

For me?  That is a very full week.  This week is more in control.

I also read a four book series this week.  I just finished the fourth and final book before starting the blog.  The Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster Bujold.  I rate them as page turners, but not quite recommended.  Too much romance and not enough plotty goodness for my particular tastes.

Adventures?  Only two.  At drinks with the team, I stiffed the table for $15 dollars.  My nacho plate turned out to cost a whopping $21 dollars.  It plus my beer and wings came to more than I had on me.  I would have made up the difference paying with debit, but my bus conveniently arrived 5 minutes early for my window.  So I dropped the money I did have and rolled for the door.  My team doesn’t seem to hold this against me.  Very odd.

A better adventure is the Jim Cuddy show.  It was Mom’s birthday gift.  Tim and I took Mom and ourselves to the show.  It was just excellent.  Basil Donovan from Blue Rodeo provided bass duties to both the Jim Cuddy band and the opening band and the difference in the base sound highlights the difference between the bands.  The opener had the bass sounding overloud and disconnected from the music around it.  In the Jim Cuddy band it was excellent.

The band was just tight.  In addition to Cuddy and Donovan there was a keyboardist, drummer, trumpeter, fiddler and lead guitarist.  It was a big full sound.  Together they meshed well and there was also lots of time for each to strut their stuff.  The fiddler did the keyboard solo from 5 days in July and it was just incroyable.

Of course Cuddy is the band leader, main vocalist and star.  I prefer the Blue Rodeo songs to his solo stuff, but delivered live they all pop and shine.  His voice is still clear and enthusiastic and inviting.

So belated Happy birthday Mom!

Til next week peeps.


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