Weekly Recap

I bought a flashlight.  Apparently this is a common household item.  I’ve never owned my own flashlight before though.  I had one when I was a scout.  And I think both Troy and Treek owned them while I lived with them.  But I’ve been living without a room mate for over a decade now.  And without a flashlight.

If we do lose power, I think that I’ll miss the elevator more than the lights though.  there is emergency lighting in the hallway after all.

My HD TV signal showed up today.  I have watched a movie in HD.  It was beautiful.

The big news last week?  There was a big turnout for gaming.  I ordered 8 donair (or at least donair’ish) items.  Yes, the first week of the school year.  Everyone is home, but most activities haven’t started yet.  So everyone has time for gaming.  I played Quarriors for the second time.  It was much improved.

We also played Year of the Dragon.  We had quite an easy event pull.  I won the game by grabbing an early initiative.  (The first.)  I was able to turn that into being working slightly ahead of the rest of the crew for the whole game.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a game where initiative matters more.  Next game I think my strategy will be to try to get the victory point persons early – court ladies, researchers and a cheap privilege.

The week in work was oddly dull.  Too many people absent.  Urgent matters moved forward at a slow pace.  Tomorrow I am kicking it into high gear (although my scooter only has the one – I’m still looking for that nitrous attachment.)

I finished Stephen King’s latest book.  I found the beginning terrifying and the middle suspenseful.  The end – climax and denouement – meh.

Now – I must find a show good enough to be worthy of PVR’ing.  Any suggestions?


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