Christmas Recap

Hey – I’m back.  Happy New Year!

Christmas started the evening of the 23rd.  The guys came over for gaming.  It had seemed that there would be no gaming that night.  But then Dano showed up.  Then Dave called and asked if anything was happening.  Then Tim was on standby.  So in the end there were four of us.  Dave brought the beer.

My first gift to myself had been a batch of new board games: Belfort, Year of the Dragon, and Quarriors.  Plus two new expansions: Mansion of Madness and Dominion.  We played Belfort.It was nifty.

Christmas Eve was quiet.  Like in the poem.

I had trouble sleeping the first couple nights.  It took a couples days to unwind.  When I have trouble sleeping that normally means only 6.5 hours instead of 8.  I’ve never been a huge insomniac.  But I need my sleep and whine when I’m so much as an hour short.

Christmas was a low key affair.  Just Mom, Tim and I.  We went to church in the morning.  Then there were waffles.  Then cross-word puzzles, and finally a turkey dinner.  It was pretty awesome.

This was the first Christmas without Dad around.  It was not great, but, for me at least, easier than Grey Cup Sunday had been.  Sigh.  It is harder thinking that this was only the first Christmas without Dad around.  It was nice to have a small Christmas with just the three of us.

There was no gift exchange.  The family donated our gift money this year.  Except when Mom pulled out a couple stocking stuffers for us at the end of the evening.

Christmas nearly went awry at the end though.  I’d booked a special trip to go to church, then Mom’s and then finally home at day’s end.  But as normal, I am a twit and I forgot my pickup time.  I went downstairs 25 minutes too late and had already missed my bus!  I was worried that they wouldn’t be able to make a last minute change to come get me.  Mom could have driven me home, but I’d have to desert my scooter until a future date.

In the end though, DATS came through!  Yay DATS!  I mde it home two hours later than I planned, but that was just fine.

Boxing Day was gaming day.  I organized a big game for that evening.  Tim, Paul, Rob R., Dave and I played Republic of Rome for the first time ever.  I thought it was great fun.  Tim LOVED it.  He is really enthused.  I’m sure he would have played again the next day.  Unfortunately the game takes over 300 minutes and needs 4-6 people so it will likely only get pulled out on special occasions.

Tuesday was break day.  Then Wednesday was gift to myself day.  A trip to the electronics store brought a new tv, receiver and iPad.  The iPad was operational in minutes.  The TV was setup courtesy of Dave.  He bailed me out at the last minute when I couldn’t arrange delivery.  Thanks!  And then he set it up for me too.  I aved the receiver for Robin.  Robin is cool too.  He really, really loves setting up home theatre systems.  It isn’t done.  I still need a tv stand, to get rid of the old tv and to get an HD signal into the tv.  The last is scheduled for next Monday.  The other two aren’t booked yet.

When Dave was over with the TV help his son brought his Pokemon cards and I played the venerable game for the first time ever.  It was fun and I certainly see the appeal for kids.  I’d say Magic is the better CCG though…

Friday was a final gaming day.  We had a few guys over and finished the latest Dresden adventure.  I was quite happy.  With time to prepare I pulled off a better game than normal.  I’m still not great at offering compels yet though.  Quie a success though.

Finally on Monday, Corrigans visited.  They brought food and games.  Mrs. C looks quite good.  It was nice to have a whole smiling family over in the house.

The rest of the time I: watched tv (the first season of The Killing – quite good), read books (Wilds Cards #2, and 11/22/63 – which I find very scary), watched movies (Sherlock Homes – good, Midnight in Paris – awesome!), played on my Ipad (Avadon, Puerto Rico (I suck), plus I’m up to 96 achievements in Trade Nations (yay)).

That gets us back to today.  When I went to work.  Yay.  I’m well rested, but I’d love another week to slack off.  Still it will be an exciting month at work.

That recaps us up to date.

Happy New Year folks!




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