Weekly Night Cap

Christmas came early this year.  At least the gift giving part did.

The Treekster came by and brought a nice gift card.  I gave him a gift card to the same store.  Yay us!  His was worth more than mine.

My family is not giving gifts this year.  We are all donating some money to a needy family instead.  That is cool.  That happened as well.

Finally, I bought myself some nice gifts.  New Games!  Actually, I sent Dave on two seperate shopping trips to get them for me.  Dave rocks!  We’ve already played two of them.  Needless to say, I lost.

Now that all the parties are past and the gift giving is done, I can focus on the true meaning of the holidays.  Rest!

Actually, I’ve been enjoying the Advent services at mass.  There was no music liturgy at church this Sunday.  At the end of mass one person started singing O Come Divine Messiah.  That was way cool.  We all joined in, but it seems we were all alike in only knowing a single verse.  🙂

Today is a bit of a low point.  I got up as normal, but felt icky.  Did my morning absolutions.  Treek was in the guest bedroom and kept asking, “Is it time to go yet?”  In 45 minutes, I said.  In 30 minutes, I said.  At the 15 minute mark, I decided it wasn’t worth it and said, “Sleep in, dude.”  I called work and DATS and went back to bed.

I slept most of the day.  I feel better now, but I’m heading straight to bed.  Treek made me try coffee from his new fancy-dancy coffee maker.  I’m hoping I can get to sleep.  I never drink coffee.

Wish me luck!


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