Weekly Recap

It has been a couple weeks since I did a recap.

The personal lowpoint was work.  I have a long list of un accomplished tasks I am working on completing this year.  It is slow going.  But last week there were two annoyances.  First I attended about 30 hours of meetings.  Second, my bosses are starting to look ahead to next year and are asking me to start planning those activities.  The fact that I now have two bosses is getting tricky too.

I was worried about family this week too.  Mom went off to Swift Current to attend a family funeral.  The sudden loss was a shock and now I’ve found I worry about Mom as she travels too.

In good news though, I finished one long outstanding item at work.  It was a relief.  I have a list of things I want to get done and never get around too.  Mostly it is home stuff, but this one work item was on the top of my personal list too.

The highlight of the week was Christmas dinner at friends.  The menu included: prime rib, mashed potatoes, cauliflower au gratin (with Stilten cheese), Yorkshire pudding, and peas.  Rice pudding with a pomegranate sauce completed the meal.  It was delicious.  Plus I went home with a new bottle of scotch and a new game.  The company was pretty nifty too.  I spent some time just listening to Bill.  He is fairly quiet but every word he speaks is clever and engaging.  I never knew that.

Less than two weeks until Christmas.  Yay!


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