Is that the world’s smallest violin I hear?

Playing just for me?

I’m actually in a great mood, so as I complain in this post it is just a way to fill space and not indicative of a blue mood…

I don’t get:

  • Snail Mail – I’ve asked to get my bills digitally.  I should have almost no mail.  Worst?  A certain cable co who sends a ton of ads even though I get their bills online.
  • Low seats – the distance between when I can’t hold myself up and the seat of a low chair is a long distance now.  Ow.
  • Long bus rides – I’ve complained before.  (I got an incredibly quick ride how today.)
  • The garbage performance I am getting out of my laptop – Grr.
  • Asking people for help – who likes to ask for help?  (Thanks to anyone who has ever provided any though.)
  • Asking people for help in embarrassing situations – Grr.  But people are so nice!
  • Being unable to keep up to e-mail even if doing nothing but sitting at my desk processing it.
  • Holiday music – How can Christmas carols be so cool and holiday music so full of suck?

That is all.  I’m off to open my mail filled with garbage.  Grr.


3 thoughts on “Is that the world’s smallest violin I hear?

  1. Suellen says:

    Things I don’t get are:
    1) People who complain about things but are unwilling and even pissy about doing something to rectify it.
    2) bad office coffee that is more expensive than going to a cafe.
    3) not replacing toilet paper when you’ve used the last of it if there is another roll handy.

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