This is not a post about how I won at gaming last night

Unrelated confession: just reread Aesop’s fables.  They contain zero rabbits.  Several hares, but no rabbits.  Please ignore the previous post.

DCs new 52 has some astounding artwork in it.  Here is a list of artists I am digging – I throw in a couple other titles too:

  1. Cully Hamner – There just aren’t enough comics by Hamner.  I hear that Shade isn’t selling great.  It is pretty awesome.
  2. J.H Williams III – I’d by menus illustrated by Williams.  Batwoman is a gorgeous book.
  3. Rob Liefeld – The art gets worse with every issue.  Sigh.  Listed to highlight a big Image influence here.
  4. Greg Capullo – Look more Image goodness.  This comic – Batman – is just clicking.
  5. Andrea Sorrentino – This is a new artist to me and the art isn’t the most clear, but it drips mood.  I, Vampire.
  6. Ivan Reis – I think this is the best looking book of Reis career that I’ve read.  Too bad it is Aquaman fighting fish people.
  7. Francis Manapul – Flash (like Green Lantern) begs for an artist.  Manapul is doing an astonishing job.
  8. Mark Buckingham – Fables (not New DC) – the stories don’t always seem as driven any more, but Bucky’s art?  Great.
  9. David Petersen – And his writing is getting better too.  Scary ferrets in Mouseguard.  (Not DC – ASP)
  10. Marcos Martin – Daredevil – a sole Marvel book to provide balance.  Buts it might be the best art on the list.  Wow.

There isn’t anything too adventurous on this list, but it still shows range from the uber popular to some different styles.



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