Aesop’s Fables

Do folks still read Aesop’s Fables?  These are pretty nifty stories.

They contain rabbits.  I happen to like rabbits – fictional ones anyway.  Real rabbits aren’t nearly as clever.

That should be reason enough.  Who doesn’t like rabbits?  Fictional ones anyway.  Real rabbits – well the taste is disappointing.

But there may indeed be other reasons I like the fables.  Folks seem to dislike stories with a moral in them.  I don’t have a problem with that.  It isn’t like fables hide their message.  Little tiny stories that are amusing in and of themselves that are also teaching tools.  Plus rabbits.

Ooh, I gave away the next point in my sentence above.  They are short.  Short is good.  I’ve read War and Peace and all but one volume of Jordan’s Wheel of Time.  I like long.  Long is good.  But sometimes short is better.  Rabbits are normally short.  Except their ears – those are long.  Really rabbits are the best of both worlds.

Except the Pooka in Harvey.  But that is really a Pooka and not a rabbit.  It is just rabbit shaped.  Not that the Pooka is bad.  No – it is just tall.  Looked Jimmy Stewart in the eye and he was pretty tall too.

But the stories in Aesop’s fables – short.  Perfect for a bedtime story.  Unless stories of rabbits give you nightmares.  In Buffy, Anya is scared of bunnies.  She should probably stay away from Aesop’s fables, but that is OK – she is both fictional and on a cancelled show.

I’d provide a list of my favorite fables, but my computer currently can’t connect to the Internet.  This will also make it difficult to post this entry.  I think though if you googled Aesop and fable and rabbit, you wouldn’t go far wrong.

Enough of this silliness.  I’m off to eat dinner and fix the Internet.


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