Weekly Recap

“I had a major change go horribly awry this past weekend.”

“Gee, Todd, you can’t talk much about your job, but don’t all your changes go horribly awry?”

“Um, no – most go completely unnoticed, but the failure rate has been higher than I’d like.  What I’d like being a number approaching 0.  But my boss is asking for increased QA and better proceses on changes.  And his bosses have noticed as well. ”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

“And to make matters worse, the Blue Bombers got schlacked on Sunday.  That may be my fault too as I had the biggest Bombers fan in our office in fixing up the change during the kickoff.  ”

“Yep.  Definitely your fault.  I hear that Canada pulling out of Kyoto is your fault too. ”

“Not true.  At least comics were awesome last week.  Ooh, ooh, ooh.  And I had a Grey Cup party.  Two whole beer were drank.  We are animals!”

“You are an animal.  Hey, did you see Nickelback at half time.  Isn’t singing a song with this chorus in poor taste when at a championship event in Vancouver: ‘We’re going off tonight, To kick out every light, Take anything we want, Drink everything in sight, We’re going till the world stops turning, While we burn it to the ground tonight.’ ”

“I thought the same thing.  But we have to make allowances – we (the country) think making Pamela Anderson play the Virgin Mary in a Christmas special funny.  ”

“Hey, the new Liturgy premiered during Mass on Sunday.  How was that?”

“Cool.  Folks don’t sound like automatons repeating statements by rote.  Of course, it mostly just sounds like a chaotic mess.  It’ll come together. I’m fine with the changes.”

“Anything else?”

“Gaming was pretty nifty on Friday.  But the highlight of the week was the scotch tasting.  It was tres nummy.  My favorite was a Glenfarclas.  I think my friend attending with me preferred the Springbank.  We also tried a 21 year old, Old Putney which is the current Whiskey of the Year.  I didn’t care for that at all.  I also missed trying the last scotch – an Ardberg Correyveckan, but I had a bottle at home so I re-tasted that on Friday.  Next tasting in January!”


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