Anne McCaffrey

Dragonflight was the second book I never finished.  The first was The Fellowship of the Ring so it is in pretty good company for a fantasy novel.

I don’t think my top ten fantasy/sci-fi writers has any women in it.  Likely due to a bias on my part.  Of course that is unfair.  There are tons of great female writers out there.  Anne McCaffrey would certainly be on many lists of best writers that don’t suffer from my own personal biases – and rightly so.

Anne McCaffrey died on Monday the 21st of November.  She is survived by two sons and a daughter.

I eventually picked up Dragonflight a second time.  When I did I finished it.  By the end I was hooked.  I read Drangonquest.  And The White Dragon.  I really liked the White Dragon and reread it several times – it was the only one of the trilogy I owned; the rest I borrowed from the municipal or school libraries.  I also read the Harper Hall trilogy and The Ship who Sang.

I read an interview that indicates that McCaffrey didn’t consider the books to be fantasies, but sci-fi books.  Funny claim for books that feature priminent dragons on each cover, but I suppose it is true.  Certainly the novel approach to dragons was one of the great appeals of the book to me (I do love world building).

I probably haven’t read a McCaffrey book since the 80s and my teens.

I’ll fix that up this weekend.


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