This makes me mad

Read this…

The most dangerous game I ever played on the school yard was one we made up called, “Trip Me.”  You ran at another kid as quick as you could.  As you passed by as close as possible without touching, the other kid stuck out their leg and tried to trip you.  You jumped, or stumbled or fell.  At best, you ended the game with your shins all banged up.  At worst you took a hard tumble onto the ground and died.  We were fortunate that there were no deaths, but Robin was seriously injured once.

I was never an athlete.  Although I was pretty good at Trip Me.  I dropped far more footballs than I ever caught.  I usually didn’t even manage to get underneath the darn things.  I did like Dodge Ball.  Another game designed with the hope of injuring a child.  Not getting hit by balls was always a goal of mine.  I did well at dodge ball.

But I can’t sympathize with this position at all.

I can’t even raise a good counter argument.  It just seems self-evident to me that they are being overprotective.


One thought on “This makes me mad

  1. Robbob says:

    while i agree with you that this ban is stupid I’m not sure that you call my injury a serious injury. 🙂

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