Anti-Saskatchewan Rant

Who do they think they are?  The rest of the country is carefully saving daylight, but Saskatchewanians don’t think it is important.

Where is the justice?  We sacrifice now in order to be sure that we have daylight when it becomes scarce.  Do the fine people in Saskatchewan just expect us to share our daylight?  The haves doing a transfer of a drop of golden sun when the havenots find themselves short?

I say thee nay!  If they are so shortsighted so as not to save their own daylight there should be no federal bailout!  Let them suffer through the 26 hours of night that comes with the winter solstice while the rest of us are basking in our carefully rationed sunlight.


7 thoughts on “Anti-Saskatchewan Rant

  1. Dave says:

    I despise daylight savings. Especially since the time of day I leave the house there doesn’t appear to be sunlight anyway. 😦

  2. Robin Turcotte says:

    I just hate the change in schedule for the kids cause their internal clocks don’t change with the time change. 😦

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