Three thoughts

I don’t have enough for a whole post about anything, but this is what I have been thinking about for the last couple days:

Priests don’t get portrayed well in modern media.  We need a good show with some religious people in it.  Several years ago when West Wing was on, a friend suggested that a similar show about an archdiocesan office would be cool.  As it is you get your priests suffering a crisis – of conscience, or they are retreated to the church to escape life, or they are actually really bad people.  The best priests these days are ones who break away from the church to go fight vampires.

So then I was thinking about rebels.  And rebellion.  I’ve never been a good rebel and now my rebel years are well past me.  I’m just too much of a rule follower.  That sucks.  But I guess Occupy Edmonton is still downtown.  I wonder how large a group is left.  Hopefully they are taking care as the weather turns colder.

Did I ever mention I hate winter?  That isn’t one of my points.  I just thought I’d mention it for good measure.  Although I did like the extra hour of sleep last night.  I was worried about my alarm.  I wasn’t sure if my tv clock reset auto-magically or not.  I was pretty sure it didn’t.  So I set two alarms for this morning just in case.  Both went off at the time I expected.

Anywho, my third point.  I love Hellboy.  That is what I have been reading over the Halloween season.  Trades 8, 9, 10, 11 and the new graphic novel that came out Wednesday.  Bad things happen, then Hellboy punches them in the face, Hellboy beats up the bad things and they flee in terror, but punching things in the face doesn’t solve everything so often tragedy ensues anyway.  Plus it is funny.  And there are explosions.

Those are my thoughts.  I apologize for their puerility.


2 thoughts on “Three thoughts

  1. Suellen says:

    I think the bad press from priest is one of those things that has been building for a while and now has taken on a life all of it’s own. I think the idea of having a mini-series set in John Paul II’s Vatican could actually help a bit if you gloss over the cover ups of bad priests and really show how tried to change the world for the better and succeeded.

    I was thinking about Hellboy this weekend. I looked all over the Interweb for any news about HB3 and was seriously disappointed. GDT has said that he won’t do another one and that he will do anothiner one. RP has also said he isn’t insterested in donning the red monkey suit. This made me sad so I had to eat choclate.

    • Some of the bad press is their own fault. Trying to handle stuff internally is just a bad idea even if their intentions were good.
      A Holy See show would be mostly made of awesome. There probably isn’t a particular need to gloss over is sues either. Drama arises from conflict so that would be good fodder. Tricky to do well though. I dislike most religiousy shows so a whitewash would be sucky and insulting to a great many people. But a purely negative slant would just be a form of hate tv.
      But a show set in possibly the most political place on earth? That would rock.

      I think that Pan’s Labyrinth was better than either Hellboy movie. So long as del Toro continues to make cool films I can live without more Hellboy. On th other hand having something based on the later stories would also be cool. Hellboy vs. giants, witches, vampires and Mexican wrstlers. Goodness.

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