Incredibly exciting things I’ll do tomorrow

My bud Tony has gone to the Azores.  That is pretty nifty.

But tomorrow I have the day off.  Exciting things will be afoot.

Things like laundry.  True!

I will also be buying a cable for charging my iPhone.

Edo is in the schedule.  Delicious Edo.

To do those things I will be braving the cold weather.  It is possible I could perish from exposure.

BTW, still alive after my trip to the sonic screwdriver today.  (Tim says that joke isn’t funny, but I’m still trying it out.)

I also need to figure out how my adventure is going to end.  Not the day out/off adventure – the gaming adventure I need to finish writing.

So my day will be like the Azores, but better.  Colder though.  But better.


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