Weekly Recap

Well yesterday was, um, hmm, not depressing, what would a good word be, I’ll go with demoralizing.  Fortunately today was pretty groovy so this blog will end happily.

Let’s get the recappy stuff out of the way…

The highlight of the week was Dave’s birthday.  I got hot wings all over my winter coat.  The salt and pepper wings were the best.  We mixed things up and went out to a bar.  Not for long just an hour or so.  It was more expensive and louder than a normal night, but what are you going to do?

Then there were normal games.  We found a new rule in Caylus.  I got my butt whooped.  Whoop-ped.  Then there was some Dominion.  Therein my butt was only thrashed.

Saturday was disappointing.  I went down Whyte avenue.  I took the scooter out on the mean streets.  But Whyte isn’t like the mall.  The books at Chapters are on the second floor.  The movie at the Princess was in the basement.  The fantasy and sci-fi section of the Wee Book Inn is on the second floor.  And the new location for Greenwoods has a step going in.  Then I decided on a taco, but there was a step into the Mexican Place too.

I did have bubble tea.  Tim recommended a place.  The place was cool, but I don’t get bubble tea.  Maybe it was just the flavour I tried.  It was too sweet.

Good ole Wizard Comics saved the trip.  Stopped in for a little chat with Brandon and got the Hellboy trade I wanted.  It made for some nice Haloween reading.

Earlier in the week I was a little sick.  Missed some work and fell behind.  Went back to work but felt a little icky for most of the rest of the week.  Returning to work to find a gong show didn’t help – not that my peeps had not worked their butts off, but we were still showing a lack of progress.  I finally managed to circle the wagons by Friday.

Today I actually manged to regain the ground I lost last week.  I haven’t got the project back fully on track yet, but that isn’t a one man show.

Darn it.  Now I’ve covered today.  If I talk bout yesterday now, I’ll end on a low note after all.

Instead we’ll end like this.  Tomorrow November starts and I’ll pick up my neglected NaNoWriMo book again.  See if I can get that done.  Yay!

Happy birthday to Troy!


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