Weekly Recap

Hi!  I’m back.

Was today a good day or a bad day?  In the good column a lot was done by my team.  They rock.  In the bad, I fell behind on e-mail and there was a big new problem that came up.  Sigh.

Last week was pretty interesting.  Maybe not for y’all…

I had a thank you dinner for the Pharmacy Speechcraft.  They think I’m awesome and I have a thank you card to prove it.    My dinner was weird though.  A buddy filled my plate from the buffet table and every bite I thought would be hot was cold and those I thought would be cold were hot.  The food was still good though.

Missed new comics Wednesday, but I caught up on Saturday.  Best comic of the week?  Probably X-Men Regenesis #1 – it prompted me to blog yesterday.  But there was a lot of goodness – Morning Glories,   Unwritten, Shade, Northlanders, Ultimate Spidey.  It was a tasty week in comics.

Gaming on Friday.  I am two weeks behind in getting an adventure ready.  So I faked my way through the first half of the evening, but my lack of focus translated into a lack of focus at the whole table.  We had a nice chat though…  Will finish being prepared this week.

Then there was gaming on Saturday.  Thanks to my buddies for the ride!  We played a game of Dominion (I won), drank scotch and talked about this and that and the other thing.  Found out one couple is expecting a child in December – congrats to them!

Everything else was work.  Last week was hectic due to the short week.  I am always impressed with what my team is getting done.  We had two big deliverables on Friday.  Neither finished on time, but all the parts within our control got done and enough got done that we aren’t holding up the critical path for the project.  This week will be about loose ends.  Cleaning them up.  Four were cleaned up today… so that is going well.

That is the what what for this week.  Stay tuned to the blog for actual exciting content.  Or maybe controversial content.  We’ll see.


One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Muchos Gracias for the blog post.Truly thank you! Excellent.

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