The new 52 – end of month one

DC released 52 new number one comics in September.  I have read somewhat more than a quarter of them.  (um – looks like I’ve read 21 of them.)

DC divided up  the titles into families:

  • Superman (4 titles – read 2)
  • Batman ( 11 titles – read 2)
  •  Green Lantern ( 4 titles – read 2)
  • Justice League (11 titles – read 4)
  • The Dark ( 7 titles – read 6)
  • The Edge (9 titles – read 2)
  • Young Justice (6 titles – read 2)
  • Hmm – that add up one short – ah because I never received one comic.

The reboot is much software than I imagined.  In many cases, such as the Green Lantern series, there is almost a direct continuity with what came before.  They’ve set a firm line on Superman being active for about 5 years, but he seems to have had all the same adventures during that time.

I’ve not read a lot of the core titles.  I’ve played around more on the fringes – you can see that the DC Dark line is what I’ve read the most of.  Some of those are net new concepts, but even those generally build on what has come before.  Really, the changes could have been done simply with new creative teams.

For the long-time fan, such as myself, there turns out not to be much new about the new 52.

If asked to recommend titles I’d give strong recommendations to Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman and Batwoman.  I’d give recommendations to Green Lantern, Batman, and Action Comics.   None of the rest really struck me as awesome.  Some work for fans of what they are: Justice League, Hawk and Dove, I, Vampire and Animal Man.  And some didn’t work that well for me at all.

I’m hoping with the big launch out of the way that things will settle down to telling some nifty stories of the next few months now.




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