My favorite Hospital visit Ever!

Why not?

Back in the late seventies I was a sick little boy.  I was hit with bouts of tonsilitis over and over again.  So I was off the the hospital to get those pesky things removed.

I’ve mentioned before that I’ve never been uncomfortable at the hospital.  Because Dad worked there and we visited often, it felt like a second home.  My doctor was a little scary – but only because he was big and hairy – he was alway friendly and called me “champ”.  I had little dread (that I remember) of the short stay or the surgery itself.  It remains to the day the most drastic surgery I’ve ever had.

The procedure went very well.  I woke up in my hospital room with a very sore jaw, but otherwise no worse for wear.  Here is what made it great:

  1. Everyone was really nice to me during the stay.  I had visits from folks we knew on the hospital staff.  I felt like I was the centre of the whole world for a day.
  2. I got this nifty paper crafts book as a get well gift.  You made little cut and fold buildings from templates in the book.  When you were done you ended up with a small city made of paper.  It was the coolest thing ever.
  3. I was promised ice cream, but I only got Jello.  Hah!  Only got Jello?  I loved Jello (still do).  The treat alone made it all worth it.
  4. Even when I returned home, the fun didn’t end.  My Mom called the radio station and had them play me favorite song, “There’s a Hippo in the Bathub.”  How cool is that?

All in all, it was all a pretty good time.  I wonder if I’ve just forgotten being scared?  Doesn’t matter.  I remember it as a good time now!


3 thoughts on “My favorite Hospital visit Ever!

  1. Dano says:

    When I had my tonsils out I got one of those black velvet pictures where you color the white spaces between the velvet with markers. I don’t remember the picture now, but I was sure excited then. I wanted it done super quick. The other boy with his tonsils out let me in on a ‘secret’ method to finish them quick. Take the back of the marker and blow really hard. I did so and blew red ink all over my picture. He laughed. Jerk.

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