Crazy status update

1) that was tingly!
2) yay. Free new beer. Mustn’t let Rob break it.
3) yay. Congrats to SH!
4) was it just me or was that a crazy week?


4 thoughts on “Crazy status update

  1. Dave says:

    1) kidney stone?
    2) in Rob’s defense, he only dropped beer that bs paid for… And I still got one, so it’s all good.
    3) ??? I think I know SH… Good news I hope.
    4) weird week.

  2. Suellen says:

    1 – Hope that was pins and needles
    2 – Why would Rob break it?
    3 – Good news I hope too…
    4 – Insane. Glad to see the backside of it.

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