Do you think…

There is just one loose cannon in the Edmonton Transportation department or is it everyone?

Two weeks ago – Let’s leave the barricades up on the Quesnell during morning rush hour and see who gets caught.

Last Month – Let’s do after midnight transit from Whyte Ave. to Southgate and drop all the drunks off there.

This Week – Let’s put up no parking signs in every neighbourhood to accommodate snow removal.

If it is just one guy, then his/her job must suck.  Soon they’ll be thinking, “Before making any decision I must hold an open house and referendum with all Edmontonians.  Remember to hold sock colour town hall next week.”

I say it is only one or two weeks away from us hearing that someone has decided to replace all the existing buses with open air double-decker tour buses.  That will be awesome.


2 thoughts on “Do you think…

  1. Suellen says:

    People would still complain because they won’t fit onto Hgh Levl bridge or they aren’t the convertible sort.

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