Weekly Recap

In the world this week, two things happened.

I had my first “slow” week at work.  A week where I averaged less that 2 meetings a day.  I spent time at my desk and did desk things.  I took stock of where things sit.  (Which by the way is terrifying – there is so much happening.  Zowie.)  I crossed things off my todo list.

So next week, I didn’t work today. (Hmm – some tense tenseness there.)  I’m taking tomorrow off.  And on Thursday I have a court mandated absence. No wait.  Not court mandated.  The court doesn’t care.  Unless there is a court somewhere that keeps mandating kidney stones upon me.  If so, bad court.  Bad.

There other thing is the DC Universe started all over again.  I hate, or am mildly embarrassed by it, that I am so enthused.  The first issue was just OK.  There are 51 issues to go.  This means I’ll be reading a lot of comic book reviews in the next month.  ‘Cause I’m not buying them all.  Nope.  Not even close.



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