Weekly Recap – the two days late edition

So much happened last week I couldn’t get it out into a blog in time for Monday.

I became the sheriff of the small Pacific Northwest town of Eureka and have had to shepherd the kooky citizens of that burg and deal with the hidden top secret government think tank located there.

Um – or wait – that is Jack Carter from the tv show Eureka which I spent the weekend watching.

Other items of note: Mom had me over for dinner with my brother on Monday night.  marinated pork tenderloin, rice, corn on the cob and Agi Sushi.  Plus leftovers to take home.  Delicious!  We had four whole people back from vacation for gaming on Friday.  A marvelous game of Stronghold was held.  It was Stef and I versus Pauly and Tim.  We were defense and the aggressively natured duo were the attackers.  It was  a consistently tense game.  I think it came down to the final assault.  If we had held them off for one more round, we would have won.  As it was, they earned their victory at 11 victory points to our 9.  In that final round they completed the “ritual” victory, breached our first gate and breached our walls once.

That is pretty much it.

This week is back to school!  Good luck to all the teachers.  Good luck to all the parents.  Good luck to all the students.  I’m sure all the folks I know will have a great year.

There were also some friends of mine who have had some difficulties in the last week.  They are in my thoughts and prayers.

I hope that was worth the wait!


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