A Canticle for Leibowitz – A Review

I like this book.  I recommend you should read it.

A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter J. Miller is a post-apocalyptic tale with radiation and mutants and craggy, barren wastes, but is nothing like the image my words are currently conveying.

St. Leibowitz is the founder of a monastery dedicated to preserving knowledge after a nuclear cataclysm.  The novel is divided into three books each set hundreds of years after Leibowitz and each other.  The books show the gradual renewal of mankind.  They depict the life and happenings with the monastery.  But mostly they portray lives with hope, despair, foolishness, courage and faith.

This is also a book about miracles.

It is a pure form of science fiction asking what does humanity look like after it has tried to destroy itself.

I posted a list early this week of fantasy and science fiction novels.  More than any other list, this one contained more books which I had read, but it also had many which I hadn’t.  Canticle was the highest ranked that I had never encountered.  It should be ranked higher.


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