Weekly Recap

Last week was about getting back into the groove.

I focused on getting to work everyday, going to bed early, eating “better” and doing little else.  I joked on Wednesday that my accomplishment was attending work three days in a row, but I hit five days and seemed to just be hitting my stride.  Things seem to be almost under control at work.

I had to search for some help – all the people who normally give me a hand were gone this past weekend.  Fortunately there is a deep bench.

I read a couple books.  Neither are worth reviewing.  I watched some tv.  Not worth recaping.  I went and saw Fright Night at the theatre.  That was an odd choice for me because I’m not a fan of horror movies.  I didn’t find it scary at all though.  It had two “I wonder when something is going to jump out at me” scenes.  I never thought the hero was in mortal danger.  I saw it in 3D – meh.  Mostly that seemed to mean that vampires blew up (because vampires blow up when staked) towards you.  Dr. Who was in it.  That was neat.  I guess I recommend it if that is your thing.

Um – that is all?  I think that is indeed all.  Good night!


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