Billy Goats Gruff

Let me say first that I’ve done nothing today.  Nothing!  Mwah-ha-ha-HAH.  I might be enjoying it.  I might even be enjoying it beyond moderation.  Hopefully this post is incoherent enough to not count as something and ruin my nigh perfect streak.


There have been several things in the past week that are completely unrelated that have given me to think about kids.  And not actually the billy goat kid despite the clever pun in the title.

Maybe not several things – it might only be two.  That should keep this post from being too long.  At least it will if I finally get around to the point.  (Which I won’t because there isn’t one.)

Dad liked kids.  He never came out and said, “Kids are cool.” (Actually, funny parenthetical, I used to think my Dad saying, “That’s cool,” was the most uncool thing I’d ever heard.  I, of course, say it in exactly the same way now.)  But Dad spent time with children.  It came up during the memorial talks.  Vaughn, Theresa, me, Dave – we all talked about playing games with Dad.  Troy mentioned it here – talking about his kids taking rides with Dad in the chair.

Dad didn’t like kids in the same way Mom does.  Mom likes to cuddle babies and watch them grow.  (Enormous simplification here – but if you happen to have a child for her to cuddle, I’m sure she’d appreciate some time with them.)  Dad liked to engage with them and be engaged by them. That worked out being his children for Tim and I.  He always had time for us.

Segue to other topic – I’ll try and make it subtle, but the two really aren’t related.

Kids ddin’t notice the wheelchair in the same way as adults.  Dave tried to make that point at the memorial.  Young kids would be scared of the chair or fascinated by it.  But the person in it was just another grown-up.  He might be scary or not depnding on the kid.

That is a cool thing about kids.  The lack of preconceptions.  They don’t have a disabled box, but they’ve got a grown-up box.  Catch them young enough and they might not even have that.  That is part of what I like about kids.  I wonder if that is part of what Dad saw too?

A friend said that they felt obtrusive saying grace in public, but that their children didn’t have that.  A kid in a restaurant can be an embarrassment to their parent’s – running around and being too loud for a public space, but the child doesn’t see it.  They haven’t yet developed that filter that cares about how they look through someone else’s eyes.  That is cool too.  I developed that filter pretty early – I say kids don’t have it, but I can’t remember a time when I didn’t.

We used to run around the school yard playing Star Wars as kids.  X-Wings, Tie Fighters.  Light sabres and force lightning.  Once I became aware that that wasn’t typical behavior – tossing a baseball or a football was cooler – I switched to less public forms of imaginative games like RPGs.  So I guess there was a time when I didn’t have that filter.

Wow – that isn’t going anywhere.  I’ll just drift off to other subjects.  Bringing it back.  Two points.  Kids are cool.  (Bowties and Fezzes are also cool – 2 points for someone who gets the reference.)  Dad liked kids.

Thanks for meandering through that one with me.  🙂

I have some serious amounts of nothing to get back to now.


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