Movie Monsters Suck Lately

I made this point about the monsters in Cowboys and Aliens.  The design seemed to be a boring retread with some Giger influences.  Blah.  I see the point made more clearly in this post.

Let me provide some quick advice:

  1. All modern movie monsters seem to be earth tone colored.  That is boring.  Look at the variety of colours that exist in nature.  Even on people the combination of hair colour and skin colour gives a much broader palette than the greys, greens and browns we see on modern monsters.  (And maybe they have different skin than a basic rhinoceros looking hide… fur, feathers, post-it notes, whatever)
  2. Not everything needs to be a predator with clawed limbs and sharp pointy teeth.  People on earth are scarier than any of our creatures (except maybe bunny rabbits) and are completely lacking in sharp pointy bits.
  3. A strict adherence to figuring out the habitat and ecological niche might be overly limiting and constrain your imagination to familiar forms.  Be wild and crazy!
  4. H.R. Giger created the best ever monster design with the Aliens (IMO), but not every new monster needs to have a reference to them.
  5. Go wild.  Bipeds with bilateral symmetry (or even tripeds with trilateral symmetry) are boring.  Let’s do something new.

The best monster design I’ve seen recently was on Saturday when a friend’s son showed me the octopus-spider he designed on the way to lunch.  That was a cool monster.  Maybe the designers need to go find their own crayon colored drawings from the youth to reinvigorate their imaginations.


One thought on “Movie Monsters Suck Lately

  1. Dano says:

    How about, non-symmetrical. It is a monster for crying out loud. Symmetry is a component of beauty. Monsters are meant to be ugly. Ugly I say!

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