Weekly Recap

How long before you settle back into your normal routine?  I tried right away – heading to work, getting comics, visiting the mall on weekends for a movie and Edo.  Last week I only made it to work for three days, but that beats the two days from the week before that.  I see no reason not to be at work all five days this week.

I haven’t felt great in the last couple weeks.  Stress?  More physical than emotional really.  I am exhausted by the end of the day.  And I don’t feel like eating.  Sort of like having a hangover – you don’t want to eat, but if you do eat then you feel much better afterwards.  And the stupid kidney stone has been rattling around.  Not really any pain, but just a little soreness from time to time to let me know it is there.

I want to spend some time this week talking about the DC reboot.  I’m pretty stoked – kinda.  This August has been filled with endings and that is pretty cool.

Anyway, I wrote that sentence as a fill before talking about the funeral, but somehow it seems to be about the funeral anyways.  Of course last week was all about the funeral.  I offered help, but Mom and Tim did most of everything.  I just showed up and shook hands.  I got lots of hugs from pretty women – that was good – but most of them were family.  Tim and Mom were pretty good at getting everything lined up and other than having the worst microphone every invented the whole thing went off hitchlessly.

(Um – meaning that the hitches that there were didn’t cause any horrid problems.)

The best part was seeing folks.  Folks I haven’t seen for years and years and years.  It was a mob of family and friends that descended on the town for an evening and morning and then vanishing away again like Keyser Soze.  Some I hadn’t seen since I was an elementary school student. With Kev I fell right back into old routines.  That is pretty cool.

I was worried that not many people would get up to give remembrances of Dad because public speaking can be scary, but so many people did.  That was really great.   I wish there had been something more about Dad’s kindness, competence and humour, but some of those are hard to express in a story.  We did get quite a few hijinks and game playing.  I’m certainly very, very happy with what I heard.

I was able to express my thanks on Friday night for all those who made an effort to come, to those that were unable to make it and to those who simply held us and Dad in their thoughts and prayers.  I didn’t say the same to the group that gathered for the mass on Saturday, but the sentiment remains the same.  Thank you all very much.

OK – I’m now going to eat some food, read a chapter of my book and go to bed early.  I get to sleep in tomorrow because I’m heading to work downtown later than normal.  Yay!


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