Subject change.

One of the silver linings in my rush trip to the rainshine coast was that I was able to attend parts of my family reunion.  This is a tale both comic and tragic with equal amounts pathos and slapstick.

Importantly I was there for a meal.  I missed the big Saturday evening meal, but there was Mennonite sausage left over for the next day breakfast.  I returned again that evening and I was just moments too late for pizza.  But that is OK – it would have been a letdown after the sausage anyway.

Hmm – events – I have one cousin getting married in late August.  Another getting married in October.  Ooh,ooh, ooh, and yet a third having a baby in October as well.  Congrats to Gary, Gerry, Kevin, Theresa, Maureen and Millie.  I can’t give the baby’s name because they are keeping it a secret.

The highlight (that I was there for) was likely the Porsche trips.  Dana and Vaughn were in the parking lot sitting in Brian’s Porsche.  They were doing this instead of helping me up the stairs.  It didn’t take long to move from “Nice car.” to “This is a car meant to be driven.”  Aunt Gaylene wandered outside at the moment and asked her boys, “What are you doing in the car?”

“Nothing,” they responded as they hit the gas and spun out of the lot.  Then everyone took a quick ride.  There was some disappointment when Brian estimated that the car was only worth about $20k.

The next short story had Vaughn’s eldest promise to drive her cousins out to the theatre to re-watch Horrible Bosses that night.  Six teens gathered at the hotel in eager re-anticipation – actually for some it would be the first viewing.  Sadly, and tragically, Vaughn had sterner views about his daughter tooling around in his truck than he did about taking his cousin’s Porsche down the same roads.  Hearts were broken and mother’s appealed to, but Vaughn proved immobile.

The last short is about my Uncle John.  During the week before the reunion, Uncle John found himself in the rough.  Unfortunately he was quite close to the tee on another hole.  When the next person shanked their drive it found the exact same bit of rough also occupied by my Uncle’s eye.  When I saw my Uncle at the reunion the bump on his eyebrow looked like the golf ball was still embedded therein.  His face was half Uncle colored and half purple.

I missed the rest of the anecdote generating events.

Overall, other than Uncle John’s face, my family looked really good.  Happy, healthy and growing.

A pretty awesome bunch really.


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