Thank Yous

This might be a mistake for two reasons.  First I haven’t checked this list with my family.  Secondly I will likely miss someone crucial.

But I’m not the brightest tack in the drawer.  (See I can’t get the analogy right.  🙂 )  I wanted to take an opportunity to thank people who were of especial help during Dad’s time in hospital this weekend.  I’m sure I’ll also do this again for people who are helping out now with comfort and solace…

Alice – Dad’s caretaker.  The poor lady came out to our family reunion to provide some aid to Dad.  Instead she found herself in a medical emergency.  I never saw her, but I heard that everyone was very happy with her professional and caring demeanor.

Jason – The Westjet supervisor at the Abbotsford airport.  We had a crisis on his airport.  He helped us juggle our various flight plans with no bureaucracy and lots of care.  And both times I went through the airport he made a point of taking care of me personally.

Cousin Lori – I really shouldn’t mention any relatives since we were surrounded by all Dad’s family the whole time.  My extended family rocks.  But Laurie really helped that first night.  She took care of all the little details while Tim and Mom focused on Dad.  Plus she provided them a place to stay the first night.

Super Fran – The social worker at the hospital told us that they call the ICU nurse that was charged with Dad’s daytime care “Super” Fran.  That is a sentiment echoed by my whole family.  Dad, Tim, Mom and I aren’t huge fans of Doctors.  They are in and out and allot you the minutes as though they are precious gems.  Fran was with us all day each day and answered every question we had.  She showed genuine care and comfort.  We found ways to help that went beyond her job like finding me a weird chair with high legs on her own.  Or when I mentioned that Dad can normally breathe easier in a seated position and he likes to see the room, she made sure that one of the positions he was in was as close to seated as could be in the bed.And she was there with us when we removed the life support.  She was really, really great.

Uncle Bill and his “clan” – Uncle Bill spent lots of time at the hospital with us and helped and gave advice as we made some difficult decisions.  His family also made sure Tim and I were never really alone.  (Although I also need to include cousin Gary in that group.)

Cousin Gerry – He came to the hospital to visit and was of great comfort to us.  But more importantly (I joke here calling it more important), he bought Dad a bottle of scotch.  We made sure Dad got a taste.

Cousin Derrick – He dropped in right as we were pulling the life support and stayed to provide his love and support.

Uncle Frank – Uncle Frank basically missed the reunion to chauffeur me (and TIm) around the lower mainland all weekend.  I’m sure he spent a fortune in expensive BC gas and he was on the hook for two parking tickets too!  Also like Uncle Bill, he spent a lot of time with us at the hospital, provide support and helped us talk through our decisions.

The rest of the reunion family – Many others stopped in at the hospital.  Everyone was great during the limited time I was actually at the reunion myself.  And of course I need help with stairs and getting up from bed and chairs and stuff – they provided it without complaint.  I was pretty cavalier and jokesome with them as they helped me, but I really appreciated it.

Cousin Susan and Vlado and Aunt Patsy – They put Mom up for the remainder of her stay so she could be close to the hospital.  Mom spends her whole life arguing with her sisters, but they are very close and the comfort provided was really appreciated.

B – for visiting the hospital at the most awkward time.  🙂  Sorry I couldn’t spend more time with you.  You looked good.  Thanks for taking the initiative and coming out to us.  Plus, she brought muffins.  Really good muffins.

Pauly – for getting me out to the coast.  I was a bit of a mess when I first got the news from Tim.  Getting a plane, going to the airport and handling the hassle of travel seemed insurmountable.  Plus I was pretty sure I couldn’t talk on the phone to the reservation desk without blubbering.  Pauly made it easy.  Plus it cost him an arm, a leg, and a left nut for airport parking.  I’ll get him back for that.

All my friends and family who contacted me with comfort over the weekend and took the time to put Dad and our family in their prayers.  I stopped saying thank you online to everyone, but every post was appreciated and those who didn’t post but still thought kind thoughts or made prayers, I appreciate those too!

Tim – I wasn’t there either at the beginning of the crisis nor the very end.  Tim was the rock that Mom needed and who talked to the Doctors and took care of things.  He is awesome and was awesome under pressure.  Thanks Tim.  I love you.

(Sorry for any misspelled names.  I suck.  🙂 )

I don’t want to end this because I’ve sure I’ve missed people.  Grr.  If I did I’m sorry.  Your contribution didn’t go unnoticed.  Sorry I’m not crediting it in this small way.


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