Weekly Recap

It was a pretty nifty week.

Tim disappeared into the wild last week so he missed coming over on Wednesday.  Didn’t matter to me.  I had my head to far down into A Dance with Dragons I didn’t even make it out to get my comics.  Monday night I didn’t feel well.  I was up at 2:00 am.  I figured I may as well read.  aDwD came out at midnight and my book reader already had it, so I started the book in the middle of the night.

So Tuesday evening, Wednesday morning, lunch, evening, Thursday morning and lunch, Friday morning and lunch and I finished the book on Saturday morning.  It was a beast – a huge book.

Thursday Mom came over.  She brought Italian – clam Vongole from Tasty Tomatoes.  Then we went SUV shopping.  She was test driving a loaner Tribute and we headed to the Subaru dealership to see the Forrester.  Mom only needs a small vehicle in my opinion, but she wants something larger for just in case moments.  I don’t think she’s made a decision yet and we didn’t actually test drive the Forrester.  She’s heading back on Wednesday.

The guys came over on Friday.  Rob R. and Stef were along and brought fancy beers, Perrys and ciders.  Must cost that fellow a left arm to come over when he shows up, but I sure appreciate it.  My favorite was this Elderflower Perry thing.  Not actually a drink I’d recommend, but while it was way, way different, it was also enjoyable.  I’m really a beer guy though.

We didn’t actually play any games that night – it was just sitting around and planning for next weekend and yakking.

Gaming happened on Saturday.  Mom was going to come over again (twice in one week!) but cancelled.  20 minutes later Dave asked if he could come by.  We played three games of Bohnanza and I kicked his butt 1 game to 2.  Here’s what happened.  I was beat down in game one.  In game two, I had a big early lead and Dave suggested we might need to play a third for a tie breaker.  But the game ended with him earning one more point than I.  But we played that third game which I won.  I consider it a tie breaker still – game three of a three game series, winner takes all.  🙂

Sunday was church.  We did a tour of the west end on the way there on the bus and I showed up fairly late – in time for the gospel.

Finally I went to the mall, bought two pillows and watched Harry Potter.  I didn’t need the pillow during the movie as it was plenty taut and exciting.  I pretty good end to the series.  But as an 8 movie series I rate the whole thing a Meh Plus.  There were some pretty shaky installments and I feel no need to own or rewatch any of them.

Three more days of work this week!  Yay!


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