Bad Habits

Do you ever watch yourself do something and shake your head?  “What the what?”

Two things in this case.  I’ve mentioned before that I hate the phone.  It rings and I’m unhappy to be disturbed.  Plus they intimidate me.  Then there is this other thing that I hate sudden changes in plan – even when the new plan is way better than the old plan.  Give me five minutes with the new plan and I love it, but at first I’m always resistant.

So when someone calls me and suggests something they always hear annoyance in my voice.  (I’m also a horrible poker player so I don’t mask it well.)  Often the first thing someone asks me is, “Is everything OK?  You sound upset.”

The problem is that I’m a jerk.

Happened three times in the last week.  Treek called, Mom called and Dave called.  Did it to all three of them.

Obviously I should be sorry.  And I certainly am.  But I’m also angry at myself.  It is almost self-destructive.  If those three people weren’t cool, I’d have missed out on spending time with them all.  Treek is going to hang out for a few days next week.  Mom came by and brought the best supper I ha this week (turned the leftovers into lunch so it was two meals).  And the afternoon Dave and I spent playing games was the highlight of the week.

Silly Rabbit!  Time to shape up.


2 thoughts on “Bad Habits

  1. Dave Silvestri says:

    To be clear I said you sounded more happy to hear from me when I was bringing/offering squishies. Didn’t say you sounded like a jerk.

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