Summer Movies so far

I’ve now seen three of the summer blockbusters – Thor, X-Men: First Class. and Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

In short:

  • Thor – wasn’t happy with it
  • X-Men – had some truly ludicrous moments, but overall wasn’t bad
  • Transformers – surprisingly good

The Transformers result today was particularly surprising.  I’ve haven’t read any reviews so I don’t know if the world agrees with me.  The second Transformers movie was such utter crap that I went into this one with no good expectations whatsoever.  As I was being my ticket I was wondering “why?  Why am I doing this?”  Super 8 and Green Lantern were both still in the theatre.

Now to be fair, the best part of the Transformers movie was still the Captain America trailer at the beginning.  That being said they fixed a lot of what went wrong with the second movie.  Heck in adding Alan Tudyk in as some comic relief they even managed a couple of funny bits – but maybe I just like Alan Tudyk.  The robot action scenes were tighter and were often comprehensible, the robots had interesting’ish lines, the new big bad was pretty nifty and the foreshadowing in the early part of the movie was awesome.  For the first time in the series the marines were even given some interesting things to do.  The biggest downfalls were that it was too long and had too many shots of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s giant bruised lips.  Those are scary.

If you are looking for a giant, turn your brain off at the door action movie though this meets the bill.

I saw X-Men a week ago.  I don’t have much to say about it.  I liked the performances by all the major cast.  I thought the young actors did a pretty good job.  MacIvoy’s Prof X was the most uneven, but a lot of that was the fault of the plot.   There were two ludicrous death sequences that I didn’t like.  One is just a matter of taste and reflection of the comic – the actual scene was OK.  The other took me out o the climax of the movie.  The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants were pretty scary – part of the charm was they had basically no lines.  They were just a pair of killing machines.  Of course everyone else did enough yapping…

I’m fine recommending it to fans of the X-Men.

Thor I’ve spoken about previously.  Search the archives.

I hope Cap is half as good as its trailer.


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