Weekly recap with madlibs

Help Todd recount his exciting adventures!

1) anachronistic adjective
2) electronic gadget
3) ancient landmark(s)
4) bad thing done among friends (verb past tense)
5) travel gear
6) drink type
7) useless clutter around the house
8) household chore
9) positive adjective
10) adjective for attractive woman
11) phrase meaning goodbye

Last week was (1)_____!

I gave Tim his birthday gift. He really likes his (2)______.

Friday night, I kicked butt at a game of (3)_____, but the game was placed under official protest. Apparently I (4)______.

Dave told a story about his woes with his new (5)_____. Poor Dave. It’ll all work next weekend. I promise.

I bought some of my favorite things on Saturday. Three bottles of (6)____ and five (7)_____. Yay! Thanks for the gift certificate that started the spree…

Finally on Sunday I did (8)____ and went to the movies. I saw x-men. The action was (9)_____ and the actresses were (10)_____.

(11)_____ dudes!


8 thoughts on “Weekly recap with madlibs

  1. Dave says:

    1. Groovy
    2. Unmentionables.
    3. Alhambra (oh wait that’s not rIght…)
    4. Suck (and you cheated)
    5. Trailer
    6. Scotch
    7. Board game
    8. Go to church
    9. Great
    10. Poor actresses
    11. Later

  2. Craig says:

    I’m fairly certain the answer to 2 is NTP

  3. Dave says:

    I didn’t read the 11 hints above.

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