GoT – Last Review

Called in sick to work today.  Grr.  Grr.  Feel guilty because I missed a non-day at work.  It was a Fun Day for team building.  To speak truthfully I hadn’t been looking forward to it.

Anyway, the last episode of Game of Thrones aired on Sunday.  It is over and y’all won’t need to hear me speak of it again until the new book comes out next month (July 12).

I thought it ended strongly.  Episode 9 (the previous) was the climax.  This episode had a lot of setup for next season.  In fact, although I haven’t checked yet, I think some of the early chapters of book two might have shown.  The next book is really set in King’s Landing and deals with the politics of that city even more than the first book.

Dany’s scenes were pretty close to perfect, but structure wise they still haven’t paid off after the fourth book.  Leading into season two she doesn’t have nearly as many good sections.

Robb isn’t as strong as I’d like.  He seemed more led by his vassals and mother than kingly.  The exchange with Theon was nice though.

As usual Tyrion, Baelish and Varys are the highlights and that was the case here.  I wonder if that is unfortunate.  In the books the kids are the main characters.  Tyrion, Ned and Catelyn are the only adult POV characters in the first book.  In the mini-series the kids are fine, but they just don’t have the presence of the adults.

Clash of Kings is a middle book and suffers the fate of middle books.  It is strong in the King’s landing bits, but in other areas it is less dynamic than Game of Thrones.

All told I think the Game of Thrones mini-series was decent.  Nothing close to the reaction I had to the book when it was released.  It needs a bit more action to hold attention on an episode by episode basis.  At 10 hours long it still simplifies some of the plot elements – although the character motivations seem just as complex.  The violence isn’t more or less extreme than the book demands.  But the sex scenes are far more distracting.  Funny that several of the added scenes are exposition of character elements with one particular prostitute in them.  Once for Theon, once for Baelish and once for Pycelle.  By the third time is is starting to look like a crutch.

OK – time to go.  Take care folks!


2 thoughts on “GoT – Last Review

  1. Craig says:

    but FUN DAY!!

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