A TDD Story

Having run out of my own stories and having been told the blog lacks interest, I’m telling my brother’s most recent story…

“I’ve got a story about my trip to Vancouver,” he says.  “We went and saw ‘As you like It’ at the Vancouver version of Shakespeare in the Park – Shakespeare on the beach.  We walked into to the show.  Actually, we did a lot of walking in Vancouver while we were there.  We walked from one side of Stanley Park to the other.  When we got there, we realized there was no transit.  So we walked back again.  We walked up and down Granville Island.  We walked through Chinatown looking for a story we never found.”

“Funny aside.  We are walking through Chinatown looking for this store.  We get to the end of the street and there are these punks in a group on the corner.  We put our heads down and move through quickly with a purpose.  We go around the corner and keep low trying to stay unnoticeable.  15′ later we look up and realize that we’ve turned onto East Hastings Street.  Right?  Like from the Slings and Arrows show.  But scary.  Really scary.  That was a long and a quick block, but we got to the next corner and turned back into Chinatown.  One moment fine.  Bam, then next scared for our lives.”

“Anyway, we walk into see this play.  Good show.  Especially the fool.  You gotta love a Shakespearean fool and this guy was good.  I could have sworn I knew him from somewhere.  But he’s a fool right?  He’s dressed in motley.  His face is painted.  He could be anyone, but the mannerisms are familiar.”

“This show is going down at the same time as a hockey game and both get out about the same time.  We call a cab.  There is us and this other couple both trying to get a cab, but they can’t get to us because of the party going on up the street.  I call two or three cab companies.  I think the dispatcher was starting to grow annoyed with me.  45 minutes later we are still waiting.  We are thinking about walking up to the hockey party and catching a cab, but the other couple are pretty old and we’ve been waiting with them. ”

“The cast starts to come out.  They offer us a ride!  5 minutes later they drop us off up the street and we flag down one of a million cabs who are serving the hockey crowd.”

“Do you know those A&W commercials? With the owner and the funny awkward geeky guy?  On the way home to Edmonton, I realized where I knew the fool from.  He is the same actor from those commercials.  He makes a really good Shakespearean fool!”


4 thoughts on “A TDD Story

  1. Slyck says:

    Isn’t it great how my stories a really like three stories in one. A better deal in story telling I’ve never seen. (Except, maybe, in a Shakesprean play)

    • 🙂 another line about Stanley Park and about looking for the store in Chinatown and it could be five in one.

      For Shakespeare I’d need you to tell it in iambic pentameter plus it needs “love and a bit with a dog”

  2. Brandi says:

    That A & W guy is actually a local comedian, I’ve seen him perform a few times and he is pretty funny. Never been to Bard on the Beach but we always talk about it, maybe this summer I’ll have to check it out.

    Nice third hand story.


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