What is a floaker?

I wrote a post using the term and a post reviewing Embassytown.

To tell the truth, i have no clue what a floaker is. Based on context in the book i’d define it as:

A portmanteau of floater and worker meaning a person who brazenly adopts a lifestyle of doing the minimum amount of work to accomplish a task.

Floakers are not just lazy. They are also not untalented. They are not undriven. A floaker might have worked very hard to reach a position where they can floak.

I think Wally from the Dilbert cartoon is a place to start envisioning a floaker. But a floaker isn’t actively trying to sabotage their work. They also wouldn’t waste so much time concealing their idleness.

A floaker has a sense of detachment. They are moving through life but not engaging in it.  They are flagrant in their floaking.  It is in their walk and their talk.

I imagine being a floaker is good in an emergency. No panic and they do get the work done.

Floakers arent leaders.

In the book floakers make good immersers.  An immerser is crew on a craft – miab going through immersion.  The main qualification for being an immerser is not being sick during the trip.  It seems to me that being a floaker and standing the stresses of immersing are related in some way.  The main character in Embassytown describes herself as a floaker.  It is a shield between her and the world.


One thought on “What is a floaker?

  1. Dano says:

    I am a floaker. I’d elaborate but . . .

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