Bad Weather

Do you ever have enough topics to write about that you don’t know which one first?  True Grit and Seatbelts should come up during the week, but first this weather announcement already in progress…

…appears quite localized.  From with St. Albert it seems to be particularly clear.  In fact, the worldwide seismic web is not showing any of the earthquake activity that Edmonton is experiencing.

Severe weather warnings are issued in Edmonton, Beaumont. Nisku and Sherwood Park.  All residents are advised to go indoors and stay indoors until further notice. No evacuation orders are currently being issued.  Major roads leading into the Edmonton area are all closed.  Travel is not permitted until the storm passes.  Police are helping people into the nearest buildings.

Fire, EMS and units from CFB Edmonton have responded to the collapse of James MacDonald bridge.  The bridge shook itself apart at approximately 3:34 pm this afternoon.  Emergency have rescued over 60 people from the waters of the North Saskatchewan river.  There is no estimate yet on casualties, but there were over 45 vehicles on the bridge or its approaches when it collapsed.

Other fissures have appeared in the city.  Five have been reported in all.  Two have caused signifcant sinkholes: one in 23rd avenue and 106St and one swallowing half a home in the Richie neighborhood.  Rescue and investigation are hampared by the wind and rain.  Gusts are being reported over 95 km/hour and there are even reports of funnel clouds descending near the mall in West Edmonton.

This freak storm arose in as little as 25 minutes with absolutely no warning on radar.  Local meteorologists are completely baffled and indicate that their instruments do not even report the storm now.

Although the worst of the impact is the disaster at the bridge on 97th avenue there are reports that just adjacent to the bridge the Muttart Conservatory is still bathed in sunshine as though an island of summer in the storm.  Similarly it seems that the Legislature grounds are also untouched by the severe weather.  We are trying to get crews onsite to confirm these reports.

Once again, Alberta Emergency Management has declared a state of Emergency for Edmonton, Beaumont, and Sherwood park.  All residents are asked to seek shelter in the nearest buildings and not to leave their homes until the storm has passed…


Things are not going well in the guy’s game world….


One thought on “Bad Weather

  1. Dano says:

    Bah, we have it under control.

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