I’m a Floaker!

I’m nearly halfway done the new book I purchased and I want to talk about it!  But I’ll wait and do a review when I’m finished.

Game of Thrones continues apace.  Episode 8 (or 10) aired on Sunday.  I thought that it was a very mixed episode.

It is the only episode that is written by the author of the books.  As such, more than any other episode it stayed very true to the books.  But it resulted in a bunch of problems for me.  The pacing was rushed.  While months passed in show-time no clear passage of time was communicated to the viewer.  I was left with th sense that armies were gathered and travelled hundreds of miles almost overnight.  It also had an ‘uncanny valley’ feeling.  It was so close to the books, but not quite that you got a vaguely unsatisfied feeling off it.

But a lot happened.  There was less exposition and more action and character.  That was good.  Many of the best moments from the book happened.  The opening fight with Syrio and the Lannister guards was excellent and the ending sequence with Khal Drogo was awesome.  Peter Dinklage as Tyrion is the most robust actor and he has a good scene with Tywin and good interactions with Bronn and the Mountain of the Moon clansmen too.  I could watch a whole Tyrion series.

I’m hoping that after the breakneck pace of this episode the last two will be able to slow down and take some time with the remaining events.  The climatic events in King’s Landing, the northern war and in the Dothraki Sea should all happen in episode nine.


Time to order dinner and then back to some more floaking.


3 thoughts on “I’m a Floaker!

  1. China says:

    I assume you’re reading Embassytown? I am too but for the life of me i cant figure out what floaking is. Can you tell me?

  2. […] wrote a post using the term and a post reviewing […]

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