Comic Trades

This post inspires me to comment:

Much like the commentator, I do love the superhero comics.  I always have and if the past is any predictor of the future, I’ll continue to do so.  But it is quite often the case that the top of my read pile is something different.

The author gives some ideas of ways to find comics to read.  He focuses on the huge back catalog of items worth reading.  But what if you want to find the cool new comics.  Here are three ideas:

  1. Follow publications from Image Central.  The buzz comics of the year from that publisher will likely produce the hot new talents for Marvel and DC in two years.  Nearly 100% of the writer talent at Marvel has followed this path.
  2. Look at the award winners for the last couple years.  The ‘Talent deserving wider recognition’, best writer/artist, best graphic novel and best new talent categories of the Eisners.  (Note: the category names are different or absent in this year’s award nominations. Of course, there are other awards out there as well.
  3. Find out who your favorite writers are reading.  Most creators seem to be online somewhere.  blogs, forums, facebook, interviews or twitter.  It might take a little research, but the people they are reading now are probably going to be nifty.

That is my advice.  You’ll not hit gold every time, but you will find some of the most exciting items…


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