Weekly Recap

Let me tell you the Friday story.

On Tuesday, I went to work.  “Boss,” I said to my boss, “I feel like another long weekend.  Friday is empty, I’m going to take it off unless you have a problem with that.”

“Sure,” he said.

On Wednesday, I got a meeting booked with an important stakeholder.  The meeting was on Friday at 7 am.  I was grumpy.My boss said, “Come in for the meeting and take the rest of the day off.”

“No.  If I’m up at 5 in the morning to make the meeting it isn’t a day off anymore.  I’ll take Monday off instead.”

My plans for Friday had been sparse.  Get a birthday present for my brother.  Prepare for gaming that night. Sleep in.  I resolved to do those things earlier in the week and do the sleep in bit on Monday.

That lasted until Thursday when I realize they’d need me at work on Monday too.  We had a major change going in Friday night and the impacts would be Monday morning if there were problems.  (There were problems BTW.  Nine problems, but they were medium to minor problems.  Nothing that should get escalated to management.)

Friday dawned and I awoke even earlier than my normal 5:15am in order to make the 7 am meeting.  It had already been a long week.  I was leaving with more problems/work than I entered the week with, but I had also accomplished quite a bit of rewarding work.

I drank two glasses of water, as is my wont.  They began to make my way through my system. 40 minutes later they hit a plug.  A kidney stone plug.  As usual the pain started slowly, but within ten minutes I knew what it was.  I resolved to call in sick and tough it out.  Ten minutes after that I was done toughing it out.  I took two pain relievers and began to get ready to head to the hospital.

I dithered a bit while I decided whether to drive my car or my scooter to the hospital.  The scooter would take much longer, but I’d have a chair to wit in when I reached the emergency room.  I decided on the scooter and I left home about 5 minutes later than I would have if I would have gone to the meeting.

When I was in the elevator down the pain subsided.  I stopped in the entry to send my “I’m missing work e-mail.”  As I was writing it the pain vanished completely.  I left to go to the hospital, but as I was still in the parking lot I realized there was no point.  You can’t go to emergency with, “I feel great!”

So I looped my scooter back into the parkade, traded it for my car and left for my meeting.  I got there ten minutes late.  It was a secure building and all my contacts were already in the meeting so it took another ten minutes for me to gain entry, but by 7:20 I had already had an adventure that morning and I was in a meeting.

The meeting was, to put it charitably, a disaster.  I sat dumbfounded throughout.  It was not good.  It was bad.  By 8:10 the meeting was over and by 8:45 I drove to my normal workplace.  The disastrous meeting left my day, which was originally empty so I could take it off, so busy that I worked through lunch.

I did call it quits a bit early.  I got up to leave at 4:10 pm instead of 4:30 pm.  I was out of the building and in my car by 4:25 pm.

Then the day turned around.  I went out for a  beer (one beer) with my co-workers and saw that one had recovered very nicely from some surgery.  I went home and faked my way through a game.  We had an infrequent guest and that was a pleasure. It was all good.

I ran out of material early so we sat and chatted when the game wrapped up.  And that is how the night finished.

BTW, no pain since.  I think I am healed.  Work is a great healer apparently.  🙂


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