Capitulate, plus re, minus itulate, frequency weekly

Recapitulate is to repeat in a more concise form.  But capitulate is to surrender.  Odd.

I had two tasks for the weekend.  One find a present for my brother.  He becomes older this week.  Status: failure.  Two: buy socks.  Status: success, but only today after work.

I read, watched tv, watched movies.  Mostly it was a pretty boring week and long weekend.  I loved it.

I forgot my bus pass on Sunday and today.  Fortunately I had a giant pocket of loonies and toonies, but that is 12 bucks of forgetfulness.

The highlights were seeing Kamenka’s and Johnson’s (Stef’s folks) at church and visiting my parents and solving the crossword with them.

Hmm – short recap.


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