Did my father have e-mail?  They had computer systems in the office, but not e-mail I think.  Certainly no IM and no SharePoint.  I’ll ask next time I see my folks.

True emergencies don’t come through e-mail.  They come in person or they come with a phone call.  Fake emergencies come through e-mail.  The ‘drop everything and prepare a report for the boss’ type emergency.

Decisions don’t happen in e-mail, but often folks won’t acknowledge they’ve been made until they see the documented evidence in e-mail.

Everyone complains about the meetings in government, but they are far less the time suck than e-mail.   It might take you the day to process 120 e-mails.  To send out 60 replies, to file the rest.  At the end of a day of meeting you might have contributed to the overall project.  A new issue might have come up.

At the end of the day of e-mails you just feel empty.

Would it be possible to do the job and just ignore all the e-mails?  No one needed them before the 90s – except some specialized IT shops.

I’d be willing to give it a shot.


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