3 times

Hey – in other news my stupid life alarm went off three times today before I left the house.

The first was the middle of the night.  It was on my shoulder and I rolled onto my side.  It fell about 2 inches.  I lay there thinking, “If I move it now it won’t go off.  I should do that.  Nah, it fell 2 inches.  I need do nothing.”  Thinking when barely conscious isn’t my forte – if it is my forte at any other time – not sure there.

The second and third times were as I sat down during my various morning absolution.  By the third time it called up I was both annoyed and feeling guilty.  Annoyed that it hardly seemed I could move without alerting someone to my movements.  Guilty that I was causing false alarms.  “I’m not doing this on purpose!” I told the responder when it went off the 3rd time.

Tomorrow we are going to go with zero alarms.


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