I have nothing…

I’ve got some thoughts about Game of Thrones, but I’m still mulling them over.

Anyone have anything I should be writing about?  Work is starting to take over my waking thoughts, but since everything I do is confidential there is no blog fodder there.

I’ve put nothing up since much earlier this week and little before that on the weekend.  I’m feeling really guilty.

Daniel Abraham has written a new book that isn’t available on my Kindle.  That sucks.

My brother’s birthday is coming up soon.  My gift to him is to convince you all to get him a gift.  Unless that idea doesn’t work out.  He sent me a good text this week, but I probably can’t repeat that either.

I should note as Pauly helped out at the house last week, we found a bottle of scotch.  That is neat.  My house is so cluttered I lose bottles of alcohol.

OK – done rambling.  Night, night.


2 thoughts on “I have nothing…

  1. Pauly says:

    Hope you’re sharing, I’m in next Friday! (June 10th that is.)

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