Let there be light (Weekly Recap)

and, lo, there was light.

Had a co-worker come and look at the track lighting in my kitchen today.  A few weeks ago I turned on the light and three bulbs went out at the same time.  Paul is an electrician by training.  He checked the voltage and what no and then told me to buy lower wattage bulbs and smaller ones to allow the heat to dissipate more. That was today.

The weekend was filled with merriment and happiness.  I neglected my blog in favor of other pleasures.  Friday Dan took over the Gm’ing of Dresden and I played my character Jean for the first time.  It was just Dave, Tim and I and we all managed to get arrested (in the game).  It was great fun.  The combat is still tricky.  Coming up with good blocks and manuevers stretches immagination muscles I haven’t trained.

Saturday was cleaning day.  To the untrained eye my place likely looks the same as the week prior.  But three rooms were looked at (barring comics in all three).  Four remain (and the comics).  Thanks Tom and Paul (different Paul)! Sunday I went to the first communions [edited to correct mistake] of Connor and Jordan.  I also tried taking DATS to mass and that seemed to go very well.  The boys were excellent.  Lots of friends were at the church and I got to say hi to Rob and Dave’s families whom I haven’t spoken to in quite some time.

But when everyone went to the BBQ party, I took DATS home and went to the mall. The Edo there is growing on me.  There I went to the movie theatre to see Thor.  I was disappointed in the show.  Warning – here there be minor spoilers!

[below the sigle paragraph is more about me!]

Thor never seemed threatened.  This created a lack of suspense for me.  As a result the best scenes were when Thor was talking to Jane Foster and her crew rather than fighting frost giants.  Now the talking bits were very good.  And the warriors three and Sif were cooler than they are in the comics.  Heimdall might have been cooler too.  But the fighting is a big bit in going to see a Thor film…

Today a co-worker told me that although Game of Thrones isn’t visible in my VOD menu it can be ordered from the website and set to my TV.  He was correct.  The first episode was a little meh, but the second was pretty awesome.

I didn’t do much of anything for my mother yesterday.  I am a poor, poor son.  Belated happy mother’s day! Good week to all of you.  Stay sharp people.


3 thoughts on “Let there be light (Weekly Recap)

  1. Robin Turcotte says:

    First communion Todd not Baptism. 😀

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