Happiness is a warm gun….

What the heck did the Beatles mean by that?

I’m unhappy.


With the election, not with life in general or anything.  I shouldn’t be unhappy.  Everything went the way I wanted.  I wanted a majority government.  I wanted significant change.  I always have liked the idea of the NDP as the official opposition.  I never thought the Bloc would curl up into the fetal position and die in a cold dark alley, but it turns out I’m pretty happy about that too.

In concept the election went pretty darned niftily.  (The spell-checked is alright with niftily.  Huh)

Come the cool light of day it turns out I’m not so happy.  Nope not happy at all.  It comes down to three points:

  1. I’m just not a fan of conservative policies.  Sorry if this comes as a shock to anyone.   It is true.
  2. I don’t think Harper likes working with Parliament.  I think he likes to lead strongly from the front and make decisions.  In the past with the minority he had to make concessions.  Now I’m not sure so much.
  3. I don’t think Harper is the boogeyman with a hidden agenda.  But there are elements of his party that are much, much, much too far right for my tastes (see point one for reference).  I don’t think we’ll see them much in year one, but I’m worried about years two through four.

Four years.  That is a long time.  You get two Olympics.  Four Stanley Cups.  One leap year.  Kids will be graduating who were born in 1997.  That seems to be a long time to live with the things that make me unhappy.

What if they move from general things to specific things?  It’s a good thing I have a blog to register my disgust throughout the world.

There I feel better now.


10 thoughts on “Happiness is a warm gun….

  1. Pauly says:

    I understand. All the policies I could care less about he will enact, but he has solemnly sworn not to do anything I really want done. I think it was time for a majority again though, it’s like the last several years have been a roller coaster ride… the type that is fun to be one, but there comes a time when you know it should be over ,and life return to some sense of normal. Listen to Harper’s speech from last night, I think you might like it.

    I was mentioning that I feel sorry for Ignatieff, I was even beginning to believe he had principle somewhere in there; though I still disagreed with most of his policies. Bob Rae makes my stomach turn, pulling out the knives before the votes were even counted last night.

    May was a big disappointment for me as well, all self congratulations… what about the 307 other Greens who ran with no chance of winning because they believed in something? How about saying something about them?

    In any case, I’m betting in a year it won’t seem strange, or even all that different.

    • I only watched Iggy’s speech. The rest happened too late for me.

      I kinda agree on the roller coaster. I wanted a majority and some stability. But I have to be careful what I wish for. I don’t mind minorities actually. They force inter-party cooperation and compromise, both of which I like. But I don’t want to be a minority all the time.

  2. Craig says:

    I am once again disgusted that you can get 39% of the vote and get over 50% of seats. I too share your dislike of the conservative agenda and I think we will be paying off our governments debts for quit a while.
    Not to heap bad on but I doubt Harper will call an election in 4 years I’m pretty sure he will ride out the full 5. They won around 50 seats with less then 500 votes.

    • First past the post elections (which I am not a huge fan of) and multi-party systems (which I do like) – the combination pretty much guarantees that a majority gov’t can be achieved without the majority of popular support. I’m prepared to live with that although I’ll back electoral reform anytime.

      I think agenda makes it sound to sinister. It is just their platforms and policies which I do not like.

  3. Suellen says:

    That’s been an ongoing issue without system. At the end of the day, because 64% of the people who decided to show up voted PC in my riding, I needn’t have bothered showing up. Oh well. At least this way I’ve earned my right to moan about politics.

    I’ll tell you what. If Harper passes the election ever four years law and if he does an elected Senate and brings down one balanced budget, the PCs will get my vote and the coveted patch of lawn for their hideous blue sign.

  4. Mythi says:

    Ditto on not being keen on conservative policies.

    Despite Conservatives managing to get a majority this time around, I admit that I got some delight from the election results. NDP is the opposition! Green Party leader got a seat! How unexpected (for me). Change is happening!

    • Yes change. That makes me think of a song… the lyrics are petty mean and not aimed at you!

      “All your life is such a shame
      All your love is just a dream
      Open up your eyes
      You can see the flames of your wasted life
      You should be ashamed
      You don’t want to waste your life
      I walk along these hillsides In the summer ‘neath the sunshine
      I am feathered by the moonlight falling down on me
      Change, change, change ”

      The Counting Crows

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