Weekly Recap

Work, work, work – it was a crazy week.  Four days with 8 days worth of effort.  There were deadlines and surprises and things going wrong and things going right.  I worked both Saturday and Sunday to keep up and still left many items undone for this morning.  Fortunately most things went well this morning…  Yay!

Otherwise the highlight was heading outside again on Sunday to grab lunch from the big mall. The lowlight was missing the celebration yesterday as I worked.

I voted today and got two years worth of taxes submitted.  I’m eager to see the election results this evening.  Edge of my seat eager.

The usual stuff happened.  I got comics.  I visited the store personally for the first time since November.  It was a good week.  The guys were over for gaming on Friday.  There were cinnamon buns and they were awesome.  The game went much better than the first attempt.  I was quite happy.  There is still a big learning curve to be working through.  we are doing evocation OK, but now need the thaumaturgy and the vampire weirdness working better.

I watched less tv and movies than normal and read less books.  Mostly due to the short week and the extra work.

I was also fairly happy with the blog output last week.  But that might just be me.  Talk to y’all next week.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Dave says:

    I wasn’t invited to the Sunday session… Tsk…

    Btw, there are now two Edos in the mall. one in the small food court and one at the other Galaxyland entrance.

    • Typo – all fixed up.

      Edo was great yesterday. I go to the one at Galaxyland beside the Games Workshop store.

      They had the right kind of hot sauce yesterday. It was great. Takes a bit less than 20 minutes in each direction so there is some nice time outside.

  2. Suellen says:

    Hmmmm. Cinnamon buns. Sounds like a cool game. Have you mentioned it before?

    • the Dresden Files RPG? I think I’ve mentioned it. I’m certain I’ve mentioned it, but maybe only in passing.

      We’ve played two sessions now after three sessions of character creation. I feel bad because I really, really wanted to make characters and broke into a different campaign to do so. I wasn’t intending to kill it, but that might have happened.

      On the other hand this is a pretty nifty system.

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