Do you ever wonder from time to time if you are a little weird?

A few weeks ago, someone left a bottle of half finished lemon drink on the end of my sideboard.  It rests there still.  I watch it from time to time, but it never does anything.  I think about tossing it away; draining the syrupy yellow mess from it and putting it with the other bottles.  I wonder what possible reason I can have for not having done so.

At heart I am lazy and slovenly.  But I also think, “Maybe the owner will want it back?”  That seems to become more unlikely as the weeks progress.  I ask myself, “Is its stance there some sort of passive aggressive plea for people to clean up after themselves?”  But it isn’t.  Mostly I notice the bottle as I’m sitting in my chair and it seems like it is too far away to do anything about.  I’ll just get it the next time I head to the kitchen.  But I always watch my feet when I walk so I never notice it as I head to the kitchen and since I’m not making a special trip for it, the bottle gets forgotten.

As I lay down to sleep at night and review the undone items for the day, sometimes the bottle is on the list. I also wonder why my maids didn’t clean it up when they were here…

None of that is the weird part.

Yesterday, the Corrigan’s came over.  Pauly and I played Innovation and my butt got whooped.  I tried hard to turn Tom against his father, but he just wouldn’t cheer for me.  When Corrigan’s left, I noticed that one of them had left a half empty bottle of Pepsi Max on the other end of the sideboard.

The two bottles are like book ends.  They bracket the piles of books and comics in between.

Before the bottle was jut something that I hadn’t gotten around to cleaning up.  Now there are two of them.  They sit like a statement to my untidiness.  I can’t decide if that makes it more likely for me to clean them up or to now leave both of them sitting there.  Instead of picking them up, instead of making a decision, I’ve decided to blog about them.  I made that decision last night.  So I’ve been thinking about writing about the bottles for half a day.

That seems to me to be a little weird.

I think I’ll probably clean them up before I have any more guests over.  Provided I remember the next time I head to the kitchen to get some water.


2 thoughts on “Weird…

  1. Dave says:

    Sorry… Pretty sure the lemonade bottle is mine. I forgot it there one Friday night and by the end of the night had completely forgotten about it.

    If its mine then it’s on the end of your bar area closest to the table.

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